An established pharmacy providing quality custom compounded & specialty pharmaceuticals.

Payor Benefits

Our goal is to provide quality care to patients and their treating physicians at a reasonable cost. Our account management team’s goal is to secure competitive pricing to meet the needs of our patients and the goals of our payors. Our customer relations focus is to let providers know how and where we can best support them and their patients towards this goal.

    • We look to provide the best service possible to the lives you manage with full service coordination of benefits, pharmacy billing and reimbursement assistance.
    • We utilize state of the art software systems that support our efforts to report, reduce redundancy, and manage costs.
    • We strive to improve clinical outcomes with the disease specific expertise of our staff and commitment to patient education and counseling.
    • We lower costs through competitive product pricing, adherence to utilization management protocols and reduction in medication waste and misuse.
    • We Improved quality of care through continuous quality improvement processes.
    • We provide a reliable source of pharmaceutical and disease state information.
    • We provide well trained reimbursement support services.
    • We provide our staff continued education programs to meet ever changing needs.
    • We accept co-payment vouchers and manufacturer-assistance programs.
    • We work with foundations and pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide co-pay assistance.
    • Our ultimate goal is to partner with providers and payors in securing optimal patient outcomes.